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A radically easy way to express yourself with video.

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Bring Your Stories to Life

Create a video with more than just your camera - record clips live, or include your photos, videos, music and more. You can save, watch and share your KnowMe videos right in the app, or take them offline to share however you want.

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Find Your People

Connect with a community of creators, thinkers, dreamers, pizza eaters, world travelers, storytellers and all-around life lovers. Follow others to watch KnowMe videos that they’re creating and make yours public to join in.

How Will You KnowMe? However You Want.

Whether you're telling a story or just saying happy birthday, KnowMe unlocks your ability to express yourself with the power of video. You can share your KnowMe video directly with Facebook, Twitter, iMessage and email—and more integrations coming soon!

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